Lyons Wins Big at Nationals in Californina

North Hampton, New Hampshire, May 12, 2014- New Hampshire Academy of Artistic Gymnastics (

announces that Level 10 gymnast, Connor Lyons competed at the 2014 Men’s Junior Olympics National Gymnastics Championships ( held at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, California May 8-11th.

The top 750 male gymnasts from across the nation aged 11-18 years old competed at this prestigious 5-day event.  Connor Lyons qualified to compete at the Junior Olympics in the 18 year old division for Level 10 gymnasts by winning the silver medal at the 2014 USA Gymnastics New England Regional Championships.  Young men who earned equally high rankings in their regions throughout the United States also qualified to compete at the 2014 Junior Olympics National Gymnastics Championships.

According to USA Gymnastics, the sport’s national governing body in the United States, the U.S. Junior Olympic National Championships is one of the national championships where many Junior Olympic champions have gone on to make the U.S. National Team and represent the United States in international competition and/or to compete in collegiate gymnastics. All of the members of the men’s medal-winning 2004 (silver) and 2008 (bronze) U.S. Olympic Teams, as well as the 2012 Olympic Team, are former Junior Olympic National Championships participants.

Connor Lyons first competed in the preliminary round of the Junior Olympics yielding an All Around score of 74.200 qualifying him to move on to the Finals.  In the Finals, Lyons won the Bronze Medal for his High Bar routine with a score of 13.350; he placed 9th on Vault with a score of 13.850 and 9th place for his Floor Exercise routine with a score of 13.300.  Lyons placed 11th in the Finals for his All Around score of 77.500.

Lyons’ performance at the Junior Olympics was a well-earned accomplishment following a stellar 2013-2014 season and comeback from a serious neck injury that occurred early in 2013.  He maintained a positive attitude throughout his recovery period, working steadfastly to return to competitive gymnastics.  His fierce determination, amazing work ethic and upbeat manner helped him to surpass all expectations.  His coach, Lou Datilio III believed that Lyon’s attitude and skill combined with solid coaching would yield amazing results.  During the 2013-2014 season Lyons consistently placed in the top 3 of nearly every competition he participated in, continuously improving as the season progressed.   By the time Lyons was ready to participate in the Junior Olympics in Long Beach, there was little doubt that he would do well in this tough competitive climate.

His coaches are excited to see what Connor Lyons will do next, confident that he will continue to strive for excellence in all that he does in and out of gymnastics.

In other news…

Ellie Johnston and Nicole Lanouette represented NHA Gymnastics at the 2014 USA Gymnastics Eastern Competition held in Tampa, Florida.  These two young women competed this past season as Level 9 gymnasts for the first time, consistently performing at the highest levels throughout all of the 2013-2014 season.  Their amazing competition scores yielded phenomenal results qualifying them to compete at the 2014 USA Gymnastics Easterns.

Competing on Level 9 at their age is considered remarkable and scoring as well as they have, has been thrilling for their coaches and families.  Their high level of skill and astonishing attention to detail in terms of their performance levels will bode well for them as they look towards the upcoming 2014-2015 season.

About New Hampshire Academy of Artistic Gymnastics The coaching staff of NHAAGS comes with a stellar background of their own.  During each of their gymnastic careers they have competed nationally and internationally for their colleges and national teams earning them high rankings amongst their peers.  This gym nestled in a small town in southern New Hampshire has been coaching young boys and girls from preschool to collegiate level with little fanfare for over 40 years.  They employ state-of-the-art coaching methods working seamlessly with a multi-disciplinary staff that possess expertise in areas such as kinesiology, nutrition and emotional development.  This focus on the whole child has not only yielded top-level gymnasts but has forged relationships that will last a lifetime.  The coaches understanding of how to develop the hearts, minds and bodies of these young athletes is what has produced amazing gymnasts like Lyons, Johnston and Lanouette.

NHA level 7 girls win state sectionals

North Hampton, New Hampshire, March 25, 2014New Hampshire Academy of Artistic Gymnastics ( announces that 2 members of their Level 7 Women’s Team competed at the USAG New Hampshire Sectional #2 Qualifier Meet held on March 22nd.  Granite State Gymnastics in Bow, New Hampshire hosted this event.  Young women who qualified for this meet did so by earning an All Around score of 31.00 or above at any USA Gymnastics sanctioned meet that took place during the 2013-2014 season.  The outcome of this sectional meet determined who qualifies to go on to the USAG-New Hampshire State Meet to be held April 4-6th at Sanborn Regional High School in Kingston, New Hampshire.  Both members of the NHA Gymnastics Level 7 Team qualified and will attend the State Championships representing some of the best young athletes in the state.  They are Talia Datilio and Kristina Lantz, two girls who have worked diligently all season with their coaches to earn well-deserved success.

Kristina Lantz dazzled the crowds with her exceptional Floor Routine winning 1st place with a score of 9.50.  She continued her outstanding performance by winning 2nd place on the Uneven Bars with a score of 9.30 and 2nd place on Vault with a score of 9.125.  Her All Around Score won her 2nd place, advancing her on to the USAG State Championships.

Talia Datilio performed a Floor Routine that displayed both superb skill and dynamic personality, winning 2nd place with a score of 9.225.  Her noteworthy performances on the events also advanced her to the USAG State Championships.

These two young women have worked tirelessly all season to prepare themselves both in terms of skill and mental toughness.  These efforts have yielded significant results that will continue to assist them as they face the state championships and into the next competition year.  They have proven throughout this season that they possess indomitable spirit, grit and talent making them some of New Hampshire’s best young athletes to watch as they advance through the final stages of this year’s USAG-Women’s Gymnastics competitions.



NHA Level 9 girls qualify to Regionals

North Hampton, New Hampshire, March 26, 2014New Hampshire Academy of Artistic Gymnastics ( announces that 4 members of their Level 9 Women’s Team competed at the USAG New Hampshire State Championships for Level 9 and 10 gymnasts held at UNH in Durham on March 14th.  In order to qualify for the state championships, gymnasts had to have earned an All Around (cumulative) score of 32.00 or higher at a USAG sanctioned meet during the 2013-2014 season.   The results of the state championship determine who will go on to the New England Regional Championships to be held in Springfield, Mass.  Only 12 gymnasts from New Hampshire qualified to go on to the Regional competition, two of which were NHA Gymnastics members Ellie Johnston and Nicole Lanouette.  These young women not only qualified for Regionals but also ranked in the top 5 in the state based on the meet results.

Ellie Johnston, a first year Level 9 Gymnast won 3rd place on Vault with a score of 9.025; won 3rd place on Balance Beam with a score of 8.55 and won 2nd place on the Uneven Bars with a score of 8.825.  She won 2nd place in the All Around for her cumulative score, which qualified her for New England Regionals.  She has had an exceptional season ranking in the top three in various events in nearly every competition she has attended.

Nicole Lanouette, another outstanding Level 9 gymnast won 1st place on the Uneven Bars with a score of 9.075 and won 2nd place on Vault with a score of 9.05.  Her remarkable performances have qualified her to move on to New England Regional Championships.  During the 2013-2014 season Nicole has consistently placed in the top 3 for nearly every event.  She brings a tremendous strength and focus to all that she does, making her a formidable opponent on the gym floor.

Cailee Mallory won 3rd place on Balance Beam with a score of 8.725.  Cailee has finished her 2013-2014 season with an admirable showing and has done well on a variety of events.  As the NHAAGS Team Captain, she has brought her incredible optimism, support and leadership to share with her teammates all season.  As a high school senior who will be attending Ithaca College in the fall of 2014, this is her last competition season with NHA Gymnastics.  She has been with the gym for more than 15 years and will be sorely missed by members of the team and the coaching staff.

These 4 Level 9 athletes won the 3rd Place Team Award at the State Championships for their cumulative score.  They have demonstrated time and again a high level of dedication to preparing for each competition.  They have demonstrated their superb skills and incredible spirit throughout the season, making them New Hampshire gymnasts to watch as they continue on to New England Regionals.




NHA March Update

What has been going on at NHA this week….

*Elite Electric is working away on the fire and alarm system for the gym.

*Pitt Pro is working in the gym to remodeling and upgrading

*We have emptied and cleaned the pit. It is now ready and waiting for the new pit system to be delivered.

* The new carpet arrived

*We have filled a 30 yard dumpster. Thank you to all that helped.

* Tomorrow I have a meeting with the town building inspector and our code specialist. They have been great in helping things stay on schedule.

*Wednesday and Thursday Lou and I (and any helpers, wink.. wink..) will be working to move things along faster

*We have multiple meetings during the week with contactors, Insurance Adjusters and Escrow company etc.. That is keeping Coach Dani very busy during the day.

*The competitive team is still training hard. They are getting ready for the State Competition.

We are looking for a 6,000 square foot building with 20 ft ceilings to rent for the competitive team for a few months. If anyone know of anything around please email or call Dani at 603-234-7435.

Houston National Invitational Meet (HNI) – Feb 4, 2014

North Hampton, New Hampshire, February 4, 2014- New Hampshire Academy of Artistic Gymnastics  announces that their Men’s and Women’s Teams recently returned from competing at the Houston National Invitational Meet (HNI) in Houston, Texas. Competitors from more than half a dozen countries participated in this prestigious event.  Athletes competed on Levels 3 through Elite.  Some notable athletes that took part in this event included  former USA Olympic Team members John Orozco and Danell Leyva.

NHA Gymnastics brought 19 of their athletes to compete at HNI with the Men’s Team competing on Levels 6-10 and the Women’s Team competing on Levels 7-9 over the course of 3 days.

The NHA Gymnastics Men’s Team achieved success on Level 6 with powerhouse Reece Landsperger winning 1st place on Parallel Bars, placing 2nd on Vault and High Bar, and placing 3rd on Still Rings, which culminated in a score of 66.00 winning him 2nd place in the All Around.  Ten-year-old Xander Mavrikis gave an amazing performance on Vault taking 1st place with a score of 10.3.

On Level 7, 12-year-old Dylan Hale performed one of his best High Bar routines of the season with a score of 9.5 coming in 3rd place amongst 49 other competitors in his division.

The NHA Gymnastics Women’s Team attained success on Level 7 with 9-year-old Kristina Lantz placing 2nd on Uneven Bars with an exceptional performance earning a score of 9.25.  Sammi DuBois earned a score of 9.05 placing 4th on Balance Beam with an energetic routine.

On Level 9 MacKenzie Mencke placed 2nd on Balance Beam displaying grace under pressure with her routine earning a score of 9.075.  Baili Lagrua placed 4th on Balance Beam with a score of 8.95 demonstrating true poise and elegance.

We want to congratulate all of the members of the Men’s and Women’s Teams for participating in this challenging international meet which demanded much of them both physically and mentally.  They should feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for all that they have achieved thus far this season.  They include:

Men’s Team                                       Women’s Team

Level 6                                                 Level 7

Reece Landsperger                        Talia Datilio

Xander Mavrikis                             Sammi DuBois

Michael Kirby                                   Kristina Lantz

Level 7                                                 Lauren Lantz

Dylan Hale                                         Level 9

Level 9                                                 Olivia Caron

George Lantz                                      Baili Lagrua

Gabriel Pelletier                               Ellie Johnston

Level 10                                                 Nicole Lanouette

Conner Lyons                                     Cailee Mallory

Tyler Guilmette                                 MacKenzie Mencke

Hanna Tingley

Women’s and Men’s Team results from Jan 18-19

NHA Gymnastics Women’s Team competition results from The Boston Classic Meet on January 18th and The NEGTC Qualifier on January 19th.
NHA Gymnastics Men’s Team competition results from The Abie Grossfeld Invitational in Bridgeport, Connecticut held on January 18th & 19th

North Hampton, New Hampshire, January 18 & 19, 2014- New Hampshire Academy of Artistic Gymnastics ( announces that their Women’s Team competed at two gymnastics meets this past week-end: The Boston Classic held in Westwood, MA and the NEGTC Qualifier held in Hudson, New Hampshire.   Approximately 20 of their athletes competed at these 2 meets over the weekend and nearly half of the young women achieved scores that earned them 1st through 3rdplace for individual events and for All Around Scores.  In addition the Level 9 Women’s Team earned 2nd place for their cumulative team score.

During the same weekend the NHA Gymnastics Men’s Team competed at the Abie Grossfeld Invitational held at the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, Connecticut earning top placement for individual events, All Around Scores as well as for their Level 9 Men’s Team.

The NHA Gymnastics Women’s Team brought strength and tenacity to their exceptional performances on January 18th at the Boston Classic Meet in Westwood, MA.  Judges bestowed high praise for the floor routine choreography developed by the NHA Gymnastics Women’s Team coaches.   They were impressed by the level of creativity and difficulty achieved in the floor routines for all of the young women.

The Level 4 Women’s Team earned 3rd place for their cumulative score, which included Grace Cornell placing 2nd on the uneven bars with a dynamic routine.

In the Level 7 division Kristina Lantz won 1st place on the uneven bars and 3rd on the balance beam for her incomparable performances.

In the Level 8 division Olivia Caron demonstrated self-assurance in all four events qualifying her to move from Level 8 to Level 9.

In the Level 9 division Nicole Lanouette displayed poise and grace on balance beam winning 1st place in that event.  Ellie Johnston performed an amazing floor routine that earned her 2nd place.   These performances helped the Level 9 Women’s Team achieve 3rd place for their cumulative score.

On Sunday, January 19th the Level 4 NHA Gymnastics Women’s Team achieved more success while competing at The NEGTC Qualifier in Hudson, New Hampshire.  Ellie Del Sesto earned 2nd place for her All Around score; Olivia Allaire earned 2nd place for her floor routine as well as 3rd place for her All Around score while Grace Cornell earned 3rd place for her floor routine.

The NHA Gymnastics Men’s Team traveled to the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut to compete at The 2014 Abie Grossfeld Invitational on January 18th and 19th.  These young men competing on Levels 6-10 met with great success as they went up against athletes from half a dozen states.

In the Level 10 division Tyler Guilmette demonstrated incredible power and focus on his routines earning him a 2nd place ranking on vault and 3rd place on pommel horse and still rings.  Connor Lyons showed unswerving determination as he earned 2nd place for his pommel horse and high bar routines and placed 3rd for his All Around score.

In the Level 9 division Gabriel Pelletier gave an incredible performance winning 1st place in five events including: floor, pommel, still rings, parallel bars and high bar earning him 1st place for his All Around score.  George Lantz gave a well executed routine to win 1st place for his still rings routine and 2nd place on parallel bars earning him a 2nd place ranking for his All Around score.  Together they won the 2nd Place Team Ranking for their cumulative team score.

On Sunday January 19th Level 6 & 7 athletes from NHA Gymnastics Men’s Team competed achieving spectacular results.  In the Level 6 division Reese Landsperger’s routines were exceptional as he placed 1st in 5 out of 6 events as well as for his All Around score, a score that was 10 points higher than any other gymnast in his division.  Xander Mavrikis performed well executed routines earning him 2nd place for his floor routine and 3rd place for parallel bars, high bar and pommel horse achieving a well earned 3rd place for his All Around score.  Michael Kirby showed grit and determination as he earned 3rd place for his floor routine, vault, parallel bars and high bar as well as for his All Around score.

In the Level 7 division Dillon O’Connor won 1st place for his electrifying high bar and parallel bar routines that yielded him 3rd place for his All Around score.  Dylan Hale gave his best performances of the season winning 1st place for his floor routine, vault, still rings and pommel horse which resulted in 1st place for his All Around score.

NHA Gymnastics wishes to extend heartfelt congratulations to all of the young men and women who competed this past weekend.  We can’t wait to see what they accomplish next as they travel to Houston, Texas to compete at the 2014 Houston National Invitational.  Stay tuned for more news about these stellar athletes!

North Hampton, New Hampshire, January 13, 2014 New Hampshire Academy of Artistic Gymnastics  announces that their Men’s and Women’s Gymnastic Teams competed at the 13th Annual Winter Carnival held at Gymnastics at Brentwood Commons in Brentwood, New Hampshire.  This past week-end gyms from the New England Region including NHA Gymnastics sent their athletes to compete on all six events for men including: floor exercise, vault, still rings, pommel horse, parallel bars and high bars and all four events for women including: floor exercise, vault, uneven parallel bars and balance beam.  More than a dozen of NHA Gymnastics team members placed in first through third places for both individual events, All Around scores.  The Women’s Level 9 Team placed 2nd for their cumulative score.  The NHA Gymnastics coaches are proud to say that their athletes are off to another strong season even with the challenge of having to train in various facilities while their own home gym in under repairs.  One such facility to step up and offer their help was Gymnastics at Brentwood Commons, the very gym where NHAAGS just competed in the 2014 Winter Carnival.

In the Men’s Level 6 -10 divisions demonstrated the beginning of another strong season.  8-year-old Reece Landsperger placed 1st in all six events  in the Level 6 division as well as for his All Around score.  9-year-old Xander Marvrikis earned 2nd place for his terrific performance on Still Rings also in the Level 6 division.  Ten-year-old Dillon O’Connor competing in the Level 7 division placed 1st in four events and came in 2nd with his All Around score.  12-year-old Dylan Hale competing also in the Level 7 division placed within the top 3 for all six events finishing with a 2nd place for his All Around score.  Gabe Pelletier competing in the Level 9 division placed 3rd in several events and finished with a 3rd place for his All Around score.  Tyler Guilmette age competing in the Level 10 division placed 3rd in a number of events and had a strong finish of 2nd place with his All Around score.  One of the most exciting and inspiring performances came from Connor Lyons also a Level 10 competitor.  He placed 1st and 2nd in a number of number of events and finished with 2nd place for his All Around score.  Connor was injured last year while warming up on Still Rings at the Granite State Cup and after a challenging recovery has come back to make a fantastic showing in the beginning of his season.

In the Women’s division 5 members of the Level 4 Team qualified for States with their performances, including: Grace Cornell, Natalie Simonds, Elizabeth Durant, Olivia Allaire and Ellie DelSesto.  Their individual performances on events demonstrated the level of work and determination that characterizes the gymnasts at NHA Gymnastics.  Grace Cornell placed 3rd on Uneven Bars and finished in 3rd place with her All Around score.  Olivia Allaire placed 2nd on Balance Beam and for her All Around score.  In the Level 7 division Kristina Lantz, Talia Datilio and Sammi DuBois qualified for States with their stellar performances.  Kristina Lantz placed 1st on Balance Beam and Uneven Bars, finishing with a strong 2nd place showing for her All Around score.  The Level 9 Team won the 2nd place Team award and had impressive performances from Ellie Johnston with a first place for her Uneven Bar routine.  Nicole Lanouette placed 1st in Vault, 2nd in Balance Beam and 2nd place All Around.  Caille Mallory had a great start to her season placing 3rd for her Uneven Bars routine.

The gymnasts have also trained at the YMCA in Plaistow and will also be working out intermittently at the UNH campus in Durham.  This event has brought out the best in the NHA Gymnastics coaches and owners as well as the athletes, displaying time and again why this gym is the place to be.  They have united in the face of adversity in order to continue pursuing excellence in gymnastics.  This experience has had a profound impact on their team bond.  They continue each day striving to find the positive in every situation, which is one of the true strengths of this gym.  Not only do the coaches teach the young men and women how to be the best at their sport, they also teach them an even more important skill: when something truly challenging gets in your way, nothing can divide you work as a team and support one another.  Being a team isn’t merely a title at NHAAGS, it is a way of life.