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NHAAGS is the first and finest gymnastics organization in the the Seacoast area!  

This is our 40th Anniversary!

For four decades, since 1973, we have been offering programs for kids from ages 2 to18!  Presently, we offer recreational and USAG competitive team gymnastics (levels 4-elite), trampoline classes, parkour instruction, summer camp, and more.  We have a fantastic adult fitness program taught by weight loss and nutrition counselor and author Eileen Palazzolo. Many of our classes have flexible schedules to accomodate your busy life!  Don't forget to take advantage of our special services such as birthday parties and weekly open gym sessions!

Below you can learn more about our Professional Staff and our rich History since being founded 40 years ago! Visit all the menu links to learn more about our programs and classes and our current crop of student USAG competitor teams. Directions, Contact Info and an FAQ are also available.



Lou Datilio Jr. 
Owner / Founder / Master Coach

Lou founded NHAAGS in 1973 as a training facility for the UNH gymnastics team. He is still regularly involved in daily activites at the gym, always offering guidance even at "play times" like open gym.

Lou Datilio III

Lou is a former Junior Olympic National Champion and five-time International Junior Olympic Champion. On a full scholarship, he competed for the University of Iowa's men's gymnastics team and was inducted into the Iowa University's Hall of Fame in 2008 for his many Big Ten Championships accomplishments. He is now the Women's and Men's Head Coach and Program Director of the New Hampshire Academy.

Danielle Datilio Owner

Danielle Is Managing Director and Choreographer. Danielle performed with the Louisiana and Tulsa Ballet Companies as a child protege.

Cheri Mencke Coach

Cheri has been coaching gymnastics for over 17 years. As a former gymnast herself, she began her training right here at NHAAG's in 1973! She went on to earn a full gymnastics scholarship at the University of Rhode Island where she competed All-Around both nationally and internationally, set numerous records, and led her team as co-captain. As her college valedictorian, she earned a degree in Nutritional Science. She presently coaches women's level 6-10 and is a talented choreographer for the optional girls' floor and beam routines.

Eileen Palazzolo Coach, Strength and Conditioning Instructor, and Fitness Author

Eileen Palazzolo coaches D1 and D2 level gymnastics (pre-team), as well as strength and conditioning for adults and adolescents.  Eileen has been teaching Adult Fitness since 2005.  Eileen designs her program to be challenging and different each time.  Her classes accommodate all fitness levels from beginners to advanced.   


Eileen is our resident counselor on Weight Loss and Nutrition. She is also the author of "Free from Perfect". She can be contacted at (603) 918-7676 or



67 Winnicut Road
North Hampton, NH 03862

We are conveniently located on Winnicut road in North Hampton near the crossroads of I-95, NH 101 and Route 1 . Look for the blue and gold sign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: My child loves to jump and flip.  Would gymnastics be good for him/her?

Answer 1: Absolutely!  Allowing your child to explore and experiment with gymnastics in a safe environment is what we do best!  We allow our students to flip, tumble and exercise while increasing their strength and teaching them proper form. We offer pre-school and recreational classes as well as day camps during school vacations and summer.


Question 2: How much of a time committment is gymnastics?

Answer 2: This depends on the level the gymnast is at.  For our starting gymnasts, 45 minutes to an hour once a week is the norm.  As their skills and interest grow, it can increase incrementally.  For our team gymnasts, they commit roughly 12-15 hours per week to their training.


Question 3: How does my child become part of the team?

Answer 3: As your child grows through our recreational program, they may be invited to participate in our D2 Program.  This program acts as a pre-cursor to our team.  The D2 Program has the option of 1-2 days per week.  When they graduate from D2, they move onto to our D3 program, which has the option of 2-3 days per week.  Once the coaches feel your gymnast is ready (both skills, strength and maturity), your child is invited to participate on the NHAAGS Team.


Question 4: How do you learn all of the gymastics lingo?

Answer 4: The elements involved in gymnastics often have strange names!  An easy reference guide is available by clicking here.


Question 5: Does the sport of gymnastics have a national organization?

Answer 5: Yes, it does.  USAG (United States of America Gymnastics) is an active, member-driven organization.  Their website provides lots of helpful information about the sport of gymnastics.  To visit the website, click here.

Our History

The NHAAGS barn gym came into being because of the need for the University of New Hampshire Men's Gymnastics Team to have a workout facility during the holiday seasons.  Lou Datilio established NHAAGS in 1973.  Once created, the gym's goal was also to train higher caliber gymnasts to feed into the men's and women's university system.

Today, the New Hampshire Academy runs a highly competitive boys and girls team along with adult, recreational, preschool and strength classes. For more recent developments please see our News page for past announcements and Press Releases.

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